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Bendigo IT Proudly Supports the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough
Bendigo IT is pleased to continue its sponsorship of the RACV Energy Breakthrough to be held in Maryborough (Victoria) from the 21st to 24th November 2013. The Breakthrough provides opportunities for students, teachers, parents and local industry to work together to design and construct a vehicle, a machine or innovation in technology that will represent an energy breakthrough. The Central Victorian town of Maryborough throws itself open to 24-hour human powered vehicle and hybrid races, pushcart events and water-based Innovations in Technology.

For Bendigo IT, the sponsorship of this event is a great fit with the skills and resources we have available to provide. Seeing the youth of Australia combining their engineering skills with the physical demands of peddling vehicles for up to 24 hours is inspiring and we are thrilled to contribute to the ongoing success of this event.

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Richo Richo
News For: 15-03-2013
Leading specialist in software development

News For: 05-12-2012
“Congratulations to the Biggest Winner Team at Bendigo IT, who were awarded 2nd place overall for a company with 2-5 employees entered”.

News For: 23-11-2012
Bendigo IT welcomes Cameron Clare to the Consulting team. Interestingly, he has taken over the contracting role, at one of our major clients, that his brother Rory vacated. On that note, we also with Rory every success as he begins his new role in Melbourne.

Bendigo IT welcomes Joshua Walker to the team for this week. Josh is from Maryborough and is doing his year 10 work experience with us.

News For: 23-11-2012
Congratulations to the Biggest Winner team, who all lost weight. The total weight loss for the five of us was around 22 kg. Well done to all and keep up the downward trend..!

News For: 06-11-2012
IT Trivia: Which punctuation mark didn't exist on a keyboard prior to 1970?
The Exclamation Mark.

Prior to the mid-1970s, typists who wanted to insert an exclamation point into their text were forced to type a period, hit the back space key, and strike an apostrophe over the period to form a makeshift exclamation point.

The exclamation point was introduced in 15th century by printers looking for a way to denote a sense of wonderment or exclamation with a punctuation mark. It has remained in continuous usage, although with variation in meaning and usage, ever since. Despite its lengthy history of use it wasn’t until a century after the introduction of the typewriter that the exclamation point got a dedicated key.

News For: 02-11-2012
All back on board...

News For: 31-10-2012
Bendigo IT is closed today for Bendigo Cup day... Have a great one! :)

News For: 29-10-2012
Thanks Everyone for the new 'likes' now we have over 30 we are live on the air!

News For: 22-10-2012
How do you make IT Interesting...?? You use it to solve all of those nagging operational issues in your business with support from Bendigo's leading IT specialists. We can give you a customised solution!

News For: 05-08-2012
Leading specialists in software design.

News For: 03-08-2012
Frankly, if it doesn't work...we can fix it :)

News For: 18-07-2012
Bendigo IT CEO and software engineers, are constantly developing new and existing software, to keep up with and meet the demands of contemporary businesses and to provide ongoing support for software management.

News For: 13-07-2012
One of Bendigo IT's, ground breaking interface programs, GENI is about to launch a website, focussing on another avenue of support for its users, including 'Most Frequently Asked Questions' This amazing product is revolutionizing the way Eisteddfod's function, organising and simplifying large amounts of competition entries and contest categories.

News For: 13-07-2012

A virus will take thousands of Australian internet users offline Monday
THOUSANDS of Australian internet users are expected to be knocked offline on Monday when the impact of a virus released a year ago will be felt.

News For: 11-06-2012

ISC Diary | Print bomb?
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries with summarizing and analyzing new threats to networks and internet security events.

News For: 29-03-2012
Geni continues to make huge leaps and bounds out in the market place. AESA conference was an outstanding success, with Geni being received with much excitement.

News For: 09-03-2012
See Gaia Computing CEO present the latest GENI product at the AESA in Warrnambool on the 17th March 2012

News For: 09-03-2012
New Product Geni is taking the Eisteddfod world by storm, and has evolved into a world class product that is currently running in four Australian states. Now into its third year of live use, Geni has become an Online Event Management tool that has revolutionised the way Eisteddfods are marketed, run and administered.

News For: 03-01-2012
Happy New Year to all Clients, Associates and Friends of Bendigo IT...

News For: 13-12-2011
On behalf of the Team at Bendigo IT, we would like to wish our Clients and Associates a very Merry Christmas, along with a safe and prosperous New Year for 2012...

News For: 09-12-2011
Bendigo IT is now on Facebook!